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Welcome to Diedskas home cooking

My name is Deirdre Colette and this is my website. I started Diedskas in 2010 as a hobby and of the the last 3 years it has grown into a fully-fledged business catering for big companies as well as more and more private functions. We do all types of functions as well as parties and dinners. Our food is made with care and love. We put in a lot of effort to ensure our meals are tasty and healthy as well. Cooking is my passion and now also my business.

My Vision & Mission: To make, distribute & sell the finest quality food. Provide superior customer service/s At Diedskas Home Cooking. No preservatives or additives are used and all stocks are homemade rather than powdered. All meals are freshly prepared and only the finest ingredients are used

Being an ex-Capetonian this quality driven cook was exposed to lots of Cape Malay from an early age. When I relocated to Jozi some 20 years ago my interest in different types of dishes was escalated even further because of the different cultures and diets associated with them in "the city of gold". I love to entertain and frequents the finest dining establishments regularly. It was at one of my "entertaining ventures" at home in Bez Valley that the idea was born to cook for a living. One of my guests took some of the food I prepared for my guests home that evening, shared it with some of her family members and the rest as they say "is history".

Word got around that I am able to do mass cooking for all occasions and it has now reached a point that her cooking skills needed permanent attention for others to enjoy. I have cooked for some of my friends and many more, and it is now your time to RELAX, EAT AND ASK FOR SECONDS PLEASE!

Experience quality home cooked meals, personally prepared to your taste and specification.

Call me!!!!!